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Asia Desk

The Asian market has been promising for years. China, in particular, continues to grow as the world struggles against cyclical crises. Desiring to enter internationally into a highly competitive market, Assistencial Consulting has created its Asia Desk.


It came up with the demand of customers, to serve them exclusively in their business in Asia. This market, complex and full of specificity, is being won by the Assistance from specialized professionals, who already work and study the Asian market.


In China, more specifically, Assistencial Consulting has been working on the specialization of its consultants in the country’s business affairs. The promotion of knowledge has been the differential of our services rendered internationally.


We also act in the implementation and adaptation of foreign companies in Brazil. With 25 years of tradition and knowledge of the national business environment, we can provide all the tools necessary for successful entrepreneurship in Brazil.


Therefore, the Asia Desk offers quality and tranquility of Assistencial’s services, now with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Some of the main services are:


Mergers and acquisitions

Counseling in Negotiations

Research and negotiation with suppliers

Internationalization Strategies

Commercial representation


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