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Business Consulting

Companies are daily forced to make strategic decisions, try to improve their processes and increasingly seek to strengthen their brands. From these needs, the Business team of Assistance Consulting offers integrated solutions at strategic, tactical and operational level.


We help in formulating strategic planning for companies to achieve their goals. Allied to it, we have developed marketing and sales strategies to leverage your business. Using classic tools or innovative approaches, such as design thinking, we positively impact our clients’ results.


In addition, we provide a process and project management approach that can improve the efficiency of your business as a whole or a specific area that proves to be deficient.


Assistencial Consulting also developed a synergy between its accounting and tax areas and its business department that allows accurate financial analysis of the current situation of your company. We work on the optimization of financial results from studies and restructuring of debts and diagnoses.


Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning

Mapping and Improvement of Processes

Innovation and Gamification of Business Models

Diagnosis of financial situation

Reorganization of processes and financial controls

Analysis of critical points and opportunities

Implementation of financial management system

Elaboration of financial planning

Analysis of results and corrective actions

Feasibility studies of projects and investments

Reduction and elimination of financial debts


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